As you already know, BitterStrawberry is always keeping an eye on the emerging technologies and the field of AI took over in the last years, even in the affiliate marketing industry.

Considering the speed of innovation nowadays, we need to develop affiliate marketing solutions that will help affiliates advertise in a smarter way, using the value of automating data analysis.

Technology is cheaper to use, not to mention, way more efficient and the depth of AI-enabled insights can reduce unnecessary marketing spend.

With the cognitive capabilities AI has to collect important data from the user and identify patterns that can ensure the right content is presented to the right consumer in the right context, it’s no wonder, it plays such a key part in the marketing funnel.

The latest tech developments can give you all kind of info, like the consumer preferences, the time of the day, the positioning of the product, patterns and behaviors, external trends – in a few word user data and social media insights, ensuring the marketing approach can provide the best opportunities for audience targeting, creative optimization and communication efficiency. Managing user engagement, you can improve your overall campaign and ROI

Using relevant message for the consumer and personalization you have more chances to deliver your ad without the risk of be considered intrusive and turned off.

So, what can AI do for Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, it automates doing whatever you are already doing, way better and faster.
Like any technology, it uses algorithms that you can set up to do all the hard job for you.

1. Building expertise with AI-enabled insight

One of the best features of AI is its ability to use data in order to predict consumer behavior
It’s true that you can also do this report manually but it will be harder, it will take more time and you can also have a big chance of error. Using an algorithm to analyze consumer info and to target the right traffic, allows affiliates to focus on performance.

For example, if you are looking for a fully-customizable solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence that can help you analyze your campaign and target your most profitable users, we recommend you our Performance Tracker! This tool will deliver info for each target and rule you set up, detailed on: Country, Connection type, Carrier/WiFi, IP, Device, OS, Browser.

2. Spotting key opportunities for affiliate managers

Account managers have to handle lots of affiliate relationships and to show them the offers with the most potential. Having automated tools that can take the heavy lifting of manual reporting and helping them monitor the campaigns’ performance it’s not only crucial but also very effective.

Improving the communication with the partners and spotting trends in the data reports will help growing the potential of those key publishers, leading to winning decisions for all parties involved.
With BitterStrawberry AI tools, all stats are updated every 10 minutes to give you at any time the overall picture and the in-depth details of your campaign performance, so you can take fast decisions and scale where the money is.

3. Improving the quality of content

It is well known that in affiliate marketing content is KING and the quality of the content can push people towards affiliate links.

AI can help also in this area, helping with you researching the best articles with the most relevant content from the web, providing proofreading for your written work and checking the originality of the text.

Make the most of these advantages in order to produce more quality content, use algorithms to get a high rank in the search engine and attract all the eyes on your content, use programs for referral links to separate the wheat from the chaff and optimize your content to suit the right audience in order to drive leads or sales

4. Finding the right audiences, in the right places

One of the most important tasks of affiliates is to find relevant audience and engage it to get the results they want.
Affiliates can now make the most of their AI powered campaigns, having predictive analytics, as we previously mentioned and reports that can help them understand which are the sites that have the biggest potential to drive powerful results/ They can also use the audience targeting and segmentation to maximize their results.

5. Optimizing ad creative

Not wasting money is crucial in any business. Considering affiliate marketing is a very competitive industry, affiliates sites need to offer value so they will earn the trust of their readers. You can also bring some paid audience to your site but being able to bring organic traffic and occupy a top position in the search engines it’s crucial.

There are AI tools that can help you improve your position on search engines, assuring real time optimization for your creatives or headlines. Driving split tests in order to build more variation for your designs, using evolutionary algorithms to achieve powerful results, mixing innovation with technology to achieve better converting layouts is essential in such a competitive field.

6. Marketing Automation

Being able to quantify the customer journey is a big plus for marketing automation, considering affiliate marketing is multi-billion-dollar industry where fast-moving ideas are so important. Taking advantage of the speed of AI and all the other significant advantages of AI-powered marketing tools, affiliates will be able to achieve their goals more effective, begin focused on understanding the customer and implementing a general strategy after collecting all the data.

Most of affiliates are using technology to drive more organic traffic, to track and deliver HQ results and this helps them save time and money, improving their conversions rate and increasing the final revenue.

Basically, technology helps you to spot deeper patterns that you might have missed and use that to improve your everything.

If you are an affiliate marketer put some thought into using ore technology tools to maximize your results and If you do your homework, and make the right predictions, you might just be the first one to the online goldmine.

So, if you want to find out more of our insights or you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at

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