Twitch has become the go-to place for streaming all types of games. You can find both individual streamers and big brands doing streams there. The amount of viewers has seen significant growth over the last few years:

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The interactive nature of Twitch streams is something unique compared to other forms of content one might produce. Twitch as a means for marketing caught our eye when we saw how many viewers the most popular poker streamers have. It was clear that there was a great demand for poker content too, although the platform is mainly used for streaming and watching eSports. While we launched our website in summer 2019, our first Twitch stream aired only little over a month ago in late May 2020.

In this post, we’ll share our approach to Twitching in two parts. First, we’ll discuss the strategy we use to approach Twitching. Second, we’ll take a quick look at the lessons learned so far from Twitching. Let’s start with the strategy!

Twitching strategy from poker affiliate’s point of view

When we planned to start Twitching, we set our ideal outcome to include two goals. We wanted to both get conversions from banners placed on our channel and grow our brand followers. The basis for achieving both would be to provide something unique that stands out from other broadcasters. Growing the following was our first priority, as a following on Twitch could be turned to loyal fans & customers on our website and Discord. We needed to get attention first before we could turn an occasional viewer into our fan.

To make streams that are both educating and entertaining, we asked our ambassadors to stream some high stakes games right from the start. We aimed to produce content that would make you come back for more after every stream. This required our ambassadors to make the stream interactive, fun and engaging.

Featured guests on the stream can bring added-value to the show!

We also aimed to get on the Twitch Partnership Program as soon as possible to enable our fans to subscribe to the channel. In the long-term, we want to establish partnerships with brands that we value and respect and who also want to get visibility on Twitch.

From this starting point, we aired our first Twitch at the end of May. After that, we’ve done 8 streams in total now. Let’s take a look at the lessons learned so far!

Lessons learned

Be authentic but look professional

When the streamers are relaxed and act & talk in a way that is natural to them, the stream will start to attract viewers who like their style. One of the things that Twitch viewers want is to connect with people like themselves. You should be entertaining and run some promotions & giveaways, but in the end, if people don’t relate to the streamers at all it’s hard to grow a stable fan base. Putting your personality out there is a must-do for us!

Being fun doesn’t mean one can’t look professional though. One aspect where did go a bit wrong at first was designing the layout for the stream. Although we had a marketing agency to help with the graphic outlook, we hadn’t thought too much how everything should look like to get viewers to click on partner offers. For the first few streams, we did manage to produce entertaining content that got great feedback from viewers. We quickly gained hundreds of followers and were able to get accepted in the Twitch Partner Program sooner than expected.

After a month of streaming, we hired a Twitch producer to optimize everything about the setup. Now our viewers can use commands to get more information about our offers, streamers and our website. This makes it easier to follow our brand on all other channels too.

Engage with viewers

Twitch is an ideal platform to expand your brand and community. If your ideal customer is a young adult male, Twitch is the place where you can get their attention. For example, our audience is hungry for poker knowledge. Getting proper advice and seeing how elite poker players approach the game is a great value proposition we can offer to our viewers.

Besides answering questions and comments that arrive in the chat, you can host different competitions, giveaways and ask for the opinion of your viewers of anything related to the show.

We’ve seen our organic branded searches increase from almost zero to one of the most popular queries people use to find our website.

Hype your upcoming streams

Whether or not you have a special theme coming up on a stream, we’ve found hyping our upcoming streams to be useful for many reasons. Not only will this increase the probability of our viewers to have our channel open when the stream starts, but it’s a great way to increase our social media following as well. Our Instagram following has almost doubled since we started streaming. People are also looking forward to the stories we publish about our brand ambassadors on IG.

Next up in our plan to promote the Twitch channel are different forums like Reddit and doing some networking with other Twitchers. We’ve already had a few interesting guests on the stream, and we believe collaboration instead of competition is the way to go here.

We hope you’ve got some ideas from this case study if you’re considering Twitch as a method to promote your affiliate business. Feel free to come and say hi to us on the stream!

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