These Covid-19 times are unprecedented and heavy with the dense cloud of uncertainty. Consumers cut on their spending, set the new priorities in their buying behavior, and readjust to the new reality of social distancing. But, on the other hand, online traffic is absolutely surging, and there is a significant decrease in competition on the networks.

In this situation, marketers can neither pause all campaigns altogether nor continue their business, as usual, i.e. running the same ads with the same targeting. Here, we compiled the updated survival tips that pivot current trends and take into account lessons learned from the last month.

Portfolio triage

From our network data, despite the negative predictions, we can see a tremendous increase in traffic from such GEOs as the United States, Spain, Romania, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Vietnam.

If analyzing demand, vertical performance fluctuates unpredictably. We do recommend regular monitoring of the actual demand for different types of products. It can be done not just by tracing the actual performance of ads put into rotation, but also by the external data sources like Google Trends and other tools like Glimpse.

For some niches, it is reasonable to stop the campaigns and pull the advertising budgets at once. Basically, everything that requires users to leave their homes or cannot be delivered to them is out. These offers include travel, restaurants and cafes, offline entertainment offers, health and beauty offers in the regions where supply chains may be disrupted.

Also, there are things that went up with the crisis. People started to consume more online entertainment, which includes OTT video services, video gaming, online education, VR/AR products, etc. In addition to entertainment options, all opportunities to stay busy at home and earn additional income (such as surveys, questionnaires, etc.) have been extremely relevant.

Another option is to market deliverables in regions with more resilient supply chains. During the lockdown, the most relevant offers are the things that allow people to take care of themselves: vitamins, sanitizers, healthy supplements, survival kits, online groceries, pet supplies, medical devices.

Tailor your creatives to the new reality

As consumers feel this extraordinary strain caused by health fears and all implications of social distancing, they want to be approached with different messages and communication. In most cases, you cannot use the same creatives as before the lockdown.

In your ads, you can emphasize that your products are safe or can even improve their well-being. In all other cases, bringing reassurance, support, and stability to users would also be efficient.

For example, if you work with dating offers, you can advertise online chatting as the opportunity to get new acquaintances and flirt with people while touching nobody. You might also bring the importance of emotional health here as it requires the possibility to connect with other people.


Coronavirus changed the way we live our lives in many ways, and advertising has to follow along in order to stay relevant. First of all, it changed our consumption habits. Some verticals go forward, while others are totally off point. We recommend to constantly monitor these dynamics using internal and external data sources and choose the affiliate offers wisely.

The messaging and creative approaches should be regularly readjusted as well. Today, users are much more concerned about their health and well-being, sense of connection with their communities, and sustaining these difficult times. It is always a winning approach to focus on the actual needs of the target audience and adjust your ad campaigns accordingly.

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