Many Businesses dream to grow at the rate Ad Fraud is growing each year – it’s a multi-billion-dollar-market. The Industry thought leaders have predicted Ad Fraud to account for 44% of total global Ad expenditure, reaching a whopping $225 Billion by 2025.

In 2019 alone, Ad Fraud costs the industry $18.5 billion annually. Behind this widespread nuisance of Ad fraud are cyber-criminals generating millions of fake clicks, impressions, views, installs e.t.c, by creating intelligent bots that often times act as legitimate online users. Using such nefarious ways a Fraudster earns $1 for every $3 spent on Ads.. There are possible cases where digital campaigns have never been viewed by humans.

Tackle Ad Fraud by analyzing your data using these smart tactics

Advertisers around the world think that these bot attacks are using basic and general methods like using Fraud IPs. But the truth is bots have evolved a lot using the same modern tech and are now a lot more sophisticated and threatening. More than 75% of Ad Fraud in the world is deemed as “sophisticated invalid traffic” (SIVT). SIVT sounds like Cancer and it is in many ways for the Digital Advertising Ecosystem. Although advertisers can reduce ad fraud by using a few of these methods:

  1. Honeypot – While you build a lead generation form for a website or landing page, you can add additional fields in the form and make them invisible. If clicks are still generated, it means it’s a pesky bot. Immediately block and blacklist these bot IPs.
  2. IP Blocking – At times you may notice a sudden spike in clicks in your campaign with minimal change in conversions from certain IPs. These are probably generated from Click Farms or via bot IPs.
  3. Blacklist Fake Websites – Check the referral of the clicks to authenticate between real or fake websites. Signs of a fake website:
    • Very less content
    • Domain registered in the last few days
    • A high number of ads per page
    • Gibberish website names
  4. Click Spam: When your ad receives more than 3 clicks from a specific IP at the exact same time frame, it’s an anomaly.

All these measures in the right direction will help reduce Ad Fraud. All being good, we still shouldn’t let our guard down. Botman at this point in time plays a crucial role in this – as we have taken a stand to fight ad fraud relentlessly.

Botman analyzes more than 20 Billion clicks monthly to find new fraudulent techniques & patterns used by the Fraudsters.

We at Botman, love the digital advertising space & are doing what’s necessary to protect it from Ad fraud.

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