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How to Grow Your Brand with Twitch as an Affiliate: Case Study with Beasts Of Poker

Twitch has become the go-to place for streaming all types of games. You can find both individual streamers and big brands doing streams there. The amount of viewers has seen significant growth over the last few years: The interactive nature… Continue Reading →

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Lockdown Survival: How Affiliates Can Respond, and What Happens Next

These Covid-19 times are unprecedented and heavy with the dense cloud of uncertainty. Consumers cut on their spending, set the new priorities in their buying behavior, and readjust to the new reality of social distancing. But, on the other hand,… Continue Reading →

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Why conferences are so valuable to new affiliates

Joonas Karhu, chief business officer at Bojoko, says that conferences are a powerful learning and development tool for those entering the affiliate marketing sector The global online affiliate sector is thriving, with hundreds of new companies entering the fray every… Continue Reading →

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5 Steps to Launching a Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 10%, making it a $6.8 billion industry by 2020, according to a study Rakuten Affiliate Network commissioned to Forrester Consulting. Affiliate marketing or performance-based marketing continues to be… Continue Reading →

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Affiliate marketing – Building strong relationships

The internet has no borders, affiliate marketing is a worldwide business. Anyone can enter the online industry, the only requirement is to have a good internet connection. An essential part of business success is having a strong network. In this… Continue Reading →

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How affiliate marketing evolved to A.I. technology

As you already know, BitterStrawberry is always keeping an eye on the emerging technologies and the field of AI took over in the last years, even in the affiliate marketing industry. Considering the speed of innovation nowadays, we need to… Continue Reading →

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5 Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know

Number One: Mobile Is Dead! After a big drop for the market in 2017, many publishers considered “mobile” to be dead. While it’s true that revenues went down rather hard, small screens are still the future! Why? The answer is… Continue Reading →

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What’s next for affiliate marketing?

Leading innovation takes a lot of brainwork but it involves plenty of heart and gut, too. We, BitterStrawberry have the right mix and this made us the leading mobile advertising network for publishers and advertisers. But to move forward we… Continue Reading →

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Banking on Blogging: How to monetise your lifestyle

There aren’t many jobs in the world that let you do what you want and still make a decent living, which is why blogging is becoming more and more popular. However, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds and… Continue Reading →

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