The article details how virtual reality (VR) entertainment, and adult segment specifically, is becoming the dominant form of entertainment by online search criteria. This is supported by the findings that 30 of the top 50 VR sites are adult, and VR Porn is the #1 generic search term associated with virtual reality. Despite this predominance of demand for adult content, it has been argued that the affordability of VR devices, namely headsets, has been the main hurdle to VR adult entertainment becoming more mainstream. It argues that this technology’s further advancement can be aided by the lowering of the barrier to ownership, namely by democratizing it for the masses as is evidenced e.g. by the latest release of Oculus GO.

VR – the Future of (Adult) Entertainment

This piece will argue that Virtual Reality and its application to adult entertainment is here to stay, what’s more, is on an upswing. To make this argument is that VR equipment is making great strides in the quality of experience as well as becoming more affordable, and thus appealing to the masses.

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It has been argued recently that “statistics show porn is a popular use of virtual reality, but it’s still nowhere close to being the dominant form of porn. This is certainly due, at least in part, to the fact that very few people own VR headsets.”

As a share of overall porn pie, VR may not be the dominant form of enjoying porn, but once we get down to the VR level, VR porn content is in the majority to everything else. The statistics put the share of porn platforms within top VR websites at 60 percent — and traffic to those sites is up 50 and rising. What’s more, when it comes to searching for VR, “vr porn” is the number one related search term, which beats out other big terms like “vr games” and “vr videos.”

VR adult – here to stay

The main benefit of VR porn is that it is way more immersive than standard porn watched on a computer screen. This has to do with the fact that it employs a headset that encapsulates almost all of the user’s sensory inputs (save touch and smell) in a 3D environment with stunning detail. Combine that with a binaural sound ꟷ and some of the best adult content, bar none ꟷ and you are in for an experience that is out of this world.
There is a wide array of top-notch content from several studios that are pushing the envelope in the shooting techniques employed, e.g. moving camera, 5K resolution or creative scriptwriting to name a few. The result is increased competition that benefits the end consumer who is treated to a varied content that caters to specific niche tastes. Of the dozens of VR studios putting out fresh new content on a weekly basis, let us mention Badoink, Reality Lovers, VRporn, CzechVR, WankzVR, Naughty America.

The widely accepted argument from industry commentators is that the technology-cost hurdle stands in the way of making VR in general ꟷ and VR adult in particular ꟷ a household name. Well, turns out this just may be on its way to becoming overcome. The very basic devices are starting at just 16 USD, but a more substantial VR gear can be a bit pricier. Here, too, the rule applies that you pay for the quality of the user experience. Investing in either Oculus Rift or the very latest Oculus Go is well worth it. Especially, it is the latter of the two that promises to usher in a VR revolution in bridging the affordability gap.

Oculus – a revolution is a Go

Oculus Go is the new kid on the block that is poised to give even the premium competition a run for its value-for-money. Perhaps the main benefit is that the Go has done away with the smartphone issue, leaving it out of the whole operation. It retails for $199 for the 32GB version, and $249 for the 64 GB version. For comparison, the Oculus Rift costs $399.

So there you have it – summed up: VR is here to stay and bound to carve out ever greater share of the (adult) entertainment pie. At the center of this revolution is new technology that is being constantly developed and improved on. As a result, the technology that only yesterday seemed to be the main hurdle to a more mass adaption is becoming democratized, taking the VR adult segment along with it.


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